Tame your water.

Watertiger provides water purification products and services and the peace of mind that your water is safe and sustainable. Go ahead, have another glass.

We work with potable water, process water, high purity water and more.

Areas of expertise

At Watertiger, we pride ourselves on understanding the breadth of the industry and the technology options so that we can custom fit the best overall system to suit your needs. Unlike our competition, we don't work for our vendors, we work for you. We have decades of experience in the water treamtent industry, with a wide range of products and services available.

Our main expertise lies in the following areas, for both potable and non-potable water systems:

– Filtration and Purification

– Non-chemical mechanical system protection

– Rainwater harvesting

– High-purity water systems

– Sub-consultancy and design to mechanical engineering firms

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Do you use water in your home or organization? Then we likely service your market. These are our primary markets, and you can see more on our markets page here.

Hospitals, Health Centers, Dental Clinics, Long-term care, hospice centers and more.

Building technology in commercial facilities such as cooling towers, boilers, and other mechanical system protection.

Small communities, resorts, lodges, short and long-term rentals, remote operations and facilities serving the public or staff.

Homes, condos or larger residential buildings. Your home is your castle, we'll respect it as such.

Schools, Universities, College Campuses, Research Labs, Trade Schools and other Educational Institutions.

Wherever goods and services are produced, including food and beverage, ingredients, agriculture and more.

Featured products

Check out these unique, powerful products with unbeatable ROI or health protection capabilities

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Self-cleaning Strainer

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Legionella Protection

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Next-Gen Sidestream

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About us

Watertiger was founded in 2003, and is owner operated from Vancouver B.C. We specialize in the design and sale of equipment for hospitals, schools, commercial, and small municipal clients. We also design and fabricate equipment for custom, remote, and humanitarian applications.

Could your organization use our help?

Send us a message, or call us at (604) 630-1114 (Vancouver) or (250) 412-1110 (Victoria)