FHA Case Study

Fimat Water Strainer


Multiple Hospitals


Addition of self-cleaning strainers on domestic mains

The problem

Aging and failing sand filters at the point-of-entry on the domestic main, or no filtration at all, resulted in high levels of dirt in the water systems.

Excess dirt and sediments in the municipal water mains were causing mechanical failures throughout various hospitals. Langley Memorial had been protected by sand filters, but they had been aging and failing for a number of years. Across town, a new expansion at Royal Columbian was under construction and was to need protection from a neighbourhood with water quality problems.


See the high dirt loads in one of the filters during the backflush

dirty Profimat

The solution

Fully automatic self-cleaning strainers at the Point of entry.

The Judo Profimat self-cleaning strainers are designed for exactly this purpose. They are installed on the water main as it enters the building and remove all the sediments and suspended particulate from the water main. Each main coming in from the distribution network is now protected, which in turn protects each and every fixture, valve, heating component, filter, shower, toilet, flushometer, PRV, and component connected to the water system.

The hospitals receive a tremendous payback through permanent mechanical system protection. One similar client found an overnight 75% reduction in "regular mechanical maintenance."

Products installed

This is what saved the day. 

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