Island Health Case Study



Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria


Installation of a flushable pre-filter before their existing MDR prefilters

The problem

Expensive filters that plug frequently mean high operational costs and money down the drain.

MDR and Endoscope reprocessors have high-end, often proprietary water filters on them to protect the machine and the devices they are sterilizing from impurities in the water. However, those filters are expensive and are prone to plugging frequenty if there are any physical impurities or algae in the feed water.

The Royal Jubilee hospital was having to replace these expensive filters often, adding up to a significant expenditure and requiring constant attention from the staff.

Urspring Ultrafilter 2

The solution

Flushable 0.01 micron filters were added to the system.

A simple step was taken to vastly reduce the cost and time that was being invested in the MDR filters. Two Urspring Ultrafilters by Seccua were added in front of the existing setup. The Urspring units filter to a smaller pore size than the MDR filters and flush themselves regularly, meaning that what had been a very short service interval (weeks) is now a two year service interval. The addition of these prefilters saved enough money that they were paid back within months, with the cost savings continuing to multiply indefinitely.

Products installed

This is what saved the day. 




days to install

0 hours

weekly time to change filters


annual cost savings

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