Chemical Treatment

Chemical Sensors, Dosing Pumps and Controllers

Both potable and non-potable water systems have to be measured to be managed. Common parameters such as chlorine, pH, ORP, turbidity and more can be automated to provide the consistency and reliabilty you need.

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Product highlights

  • Wide range of pumps, sensors and controllers available
  • Potable and non-potable system monitoring and control
  • Automate your system control to free up valuable resources or meet regulatory requirements
  • Local or remote communication options available

These are just a few examples, contact us with your specific requirements for a targeted solution.

Chemical treatment benefits

Sometimes chemical treatment is necessary to maintain safety in a distribution system or to prevent system failure altogether. In a modern control world there are simple and effective solutions to manage your water system in a reliable and economical way. With a wide range of metering pumps, sensor and monitoring options you can rest assured that a package exists to meet your needs.

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