CSI Defender

World's Leader in Copper Silver Ionization

Protecting your domestic hot water system from Legionella and other pathogen contamination has never been easier. CSI Defender eliminates Legionella, maintaining the highest level of safety in your building

CSI Chamber cell 1

Product highlights

  • Canadian designed and manufctured with over 8,500 installations globally
  • Fully automated control system disperses copper and silver ions only when you want them to, extending alloy life
  • Mutli cell and multi DHW zone control from one controller, results in up to 60% cost savings
  • Manufacturer website https://csidefender.com/

How the CSI Defender works

Legionella is prevalent in our water and soil. When it enters the piping system in a building, it embeds itself and grows colonies within Biofilm. The Biofilm provides a food source and protection from chlorine and heat shock attempts. Legionella growth is most advanced at temperatures between 25-42 C (77-108 F), right where many facilities run their hot water.

Legionella is a health risk when it becomes aerosolized and we breath it in. It can then infect our respiratory tract and presents as severe pneumonia, often with deadly consequences. The risk presents anywhere water sprays - cooling towers, misters, humidifiers, showers, medical equipment, etc.

There are a number of factors that increase the risk or presence of Legionella such as construction and water main breaks, changes in water quality, biofilm, scale and sediment, temperature or pressure fluctuations among others.

Copper Silver Ionization works by utilizing the antibacterial properties of copper and silver, and by using Legionella's safe haven against it. The installed chamber cell(s) are designed with silver and copper anodes which will slowly release silver and copper ions into the domestic hot water system, typically directly into the recirculation loop.

The silver and copper ions serve two important functions: 1) directly kill Legionella bacteria and 2) penetrate the Biofilm layer so that newly present Legionella brought in from the municipal supply is exposed to the silver and copper directly from the Bioflim.

The intelligent PLC control on the CSI Defender system will activate the chamber cells on a cycled schedule, typically overnight when little to no water is being used. The system is paused during the day when the water is being heavily used, preventing the Legionella killing ions from being flushed down the drain.


CSI Defender features and benefits

  • Eliminate Legionella issues in your domestic hot water
  • Meet regulatory standards for pathogen control
  • Maintain a safe environment for your residents, staff, visitors, and patients
  • True independant Multi-Cell Ionization Controllers
  • Scalable solutions with up to 160 amps output capacity for any potable water loads
  • Multi DHW Zone capabilities for up to 60% cost savings and smaller footprint
  • Industry first internal laminar flow to reduce sedimentation and extend the lifespan of cells by up to 19%
  • Always works when properly sized, calibrated and maintained
  • Unique internal electrode protection to prevent premature physical water erosion
  • 46 different control configurations to suit any size
CSI Defender 5
CSI install

CSI Defender is most commonly used in these industries

  • Hospitals
  • Assisted Living
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Residential Highrise
  • Schools/Universities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Community Centers
  • Military Facilities
  • Cruise Ships

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