Sludge and air seperator for closed-loop systems

Iron sludge (magnetite) causes a high level of wear and tear as well as significant reduction in heat exchange efficiencies. The Ferroclean removes this sludge without the use of throw-away filters for a permanent solution with no downsteam costs.

Ferroclean Magnetite Filter

Product highlights

  • Sludge and air seperation in one unit
  • Easy "white glove" rinse down process
  • No consumable parts = no maintenance costs

How the Ferroclean works

Iron-based sludge builds up in closed-loop heating and chilled systems from the slowly corroding pipe. This sludge causes a high-level of wear and tear on all mechanical components in your system (boilers, heat exchangers, pumps, seal, valves, sensors, etc).

Because the sludge is iron-based, it is magnetic and can be removed from solution with properly utilized, powerful rare-earth magnets. The Ferroclean runs water over the length of four 1-1/4" diameter, 14" long magnets to provide exceptional sludge removal at flow rates up to 572 USGPM with less than 0.1 psi pressure loss.

The sludge is trapped in the unit, and 1-4 times per year the system is quickly and easily flushed out. There are no consumable parts and no maintenance costs. Simply close an outlet valve, slide the magnets down, open your drain valve, open your rinse valve (connected to a cold or hot water supply) and flush for a few minutes.

The unit also has a sacrificial anode rod (like a hot water tank) and an automatic air vent to remove oxygen from your loop, preventing further corrosion issues.

Because the filter and magnets are permanent, there is no need for replacement filters. Magnetite sludge not only causes damage, but any coating on a heat-transfer surface will significantly reduce heat-exchange efficiency. Maintaining your efficiency is a direct utility cost savings, year after year.

The use of a Ferroclean system also saves you from having to drain, dispose and replace your entire system with glycol, an expensive and troublesome undertaking. Instead, the flushing is done with a hot or cold water supply and you only need to flush out the volume of the housing.

One Ferroclean might pay itself back on a single large-system glycol exchange, not to mention the extrodinary cost savings on system maintenance for years to come.

Ferroclean benefits

The Ferroclean provides a permanent protective package for your closed-loop system. For a one-time cost, you can protect your system indefinitely. Alternately, if you manage multiple closed-loop systems in one or more buildings, you can rotate the one system amongst your buildings for an annual  preventative maintenance cleaning.

  • Eliminates destructive sludge and removes oxygen
  • Large inline systems with pipe sizes from 2-1/2" to 8" and flow rates to 572 USGPM
  • Easily rinsed out with no consumable filters
  • Protects pipes, boilers, pumps, cooling towers, valves, regulators, controls, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly – does not require replacement cartridges
  • Protects energy efficiency and longevity of mechanical equipment
  • Prevents the need for a full glycol exchange
  • Can be permanently installed in your loop (inline or sidestream) or used on a rotational basis amongst your facilities.
  • Compact and attractive design also makes it easy to use
  • Powerful rare-earth magnets with a >25 year operating life.

Examples of sludge in closed-loop systems

Heating system sludge
Magnetite Filter Results

The Judo Ferroclean sludge seperator can benefit a variety of industries and applications.


  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Any closed-loop system
  • Compatible with all normal water treatment chemicals

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