Judo Heifitop

The next generation closed-loop filter


Suspended solids, sludge and oxygen create detrimental conditions within heating and cooling loops which can contribute to premature failure in mechanical systems and expensive repair bills and unwanted downtime. The Heifitop filter captures and removes suspended solids and oxygen in heating, chilled, and steam condensate systems.

Product highlights

  • No consumable filter cartridges - no ongoing maintenance costs
  • Quick and easy "white glove" cleaning - no disassembly required (just turn a handle and open a valve)
  • Pipe sizes from 3/4" to 2", flow rates to 35 GPM
  • Temperatures to 90 C (195 F)
  • Simple to replace your existing throw-away sidestream cartridge filter

How the Heifitop works

Physical impurities and oxygen create detrimental conditions in heating, chilled, and steam condensate return systems. This sludge results in the increased wear and tear and complete malfunction of pipes, fittings, valves, regulators, pumps, seals, controls, sensors, boilers, heat exchangers, etc.

The consequences of these impurities not only reduce the life expectancy of your equipment, but also decrease the efficiency of your boiler by coating the heat exchange surfaces, essentially insulating them from proper heat exchange. The result? Increased operating/energy costs to maintain the proper temperature.

The solution?

The Judo Heifitop filters out all coarse and fine-grained physical impurities to 15 microns as well as removes unwanted oxygen via an integrated automatic air vent, all without the use of additional chemicals.

The filter is easily backwashed by simply rotating the handle 180 degrees and opening the drain valve to flush 1-3 liters of water out. Once flushed, the valve is closed and the handle returned to the starting position. No need to take the unit apart or wait for it to cool.

Heifitop benefits

Filtered water is constantly supplied to your boiler, protecting your expensive equipment. You save money indefinitely on replacement filters and o-rings, and the time to manage them. Because the filters are permanent, there is no need for replacement filters. This means less work, no mess and no maintenance costs.

  • Sludge and air seperator, in one device
  • Improves heat transfer efficiency in your system
  • Maintains optimum boiler efficiency
  • Extends the longevity of all system components
  • Permanent filter - no consumable parts
  • Reduces oxygen intake compared to throw-away filter design
  • Environmentall friendly - an integral part of Green Buildings
  • Ensures proper performance of water treatment chemicals (compatible with all normal treatment chemicals)
  • Thermally insulated, preventing heat loss
  • Stainless steel filter elements
  • Made in Germany
Judo Heifitop 2 inch
Heating system sludge
Heifitop install

The 1.5" and 2" Heifitops use two filters with a single rotary flange fitting kit

Magnetite sludge commonly found in heating systems

A Heifitop installed and protecting a boiler for City Hall in Vancouver, BC

The Judo Heifitop filter can be used in any non-potable closed-loop system. They are the next generation sidestream filter, most commonly used to replace existing sidestream filters in North America and spec'ed in new construction.


  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing
  • Residential in-floor heating
  • Heavy Industry
  • Agricultural
  • Chemical plants
  • Any building with a closed-loop system

Spec Summary

  • Pipe sizes from 3/4" to 2"
  • Flow rates to 35 USGPM
  • Max. pressure: 150 psi
  • Max. temp: 90 C (195 F)
  • Connects to horizontal or vertical pipes
  • Installs inline (small systems) or sidestream (large systems)
  • Time to clean: 30 seconds, 2-4 times per year

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