Anywhere you use water, there is a need to purify and protect it. Watertiger's services are sought anywhere the water flow takes you, but our primary areas of focus are below.


Hospitals, Health Clinics, Dental Practices, Care Homes. The need for purified water and mechanical protection is critical for these types of facilities.


It is imperative we protect the health of our future generation. Schools are a sanctuary to be protected. The numerous mechanical systems also need safeguarding.

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Small communities or places that serve the public or staff have to meet their local regulations for water purveyance. We can help.


Where else is water more important than at home? Protect the health of your family and your fixtures and appliances.


Commercial buildings have expensive mechanical infrastructure that needs to be protected. Small preventative measures have big payback.

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The production of goods, food or beverage needs to run smoothly and efficiently and use the best ingredients available.

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Research and testing, pharma, technology - they all critically need a reliable high-purity water source.

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The water that irrigates your crops is a critical ingredient into your final product. Ensure you're giving it the best.

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Big city hotels and rural lodges and resorts have different needs, and we service them both.

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Natural Resources

Mining, Forestry, Hydro, Oil & Gas. A wide range of services and needs. Watertiger has helped them all.

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We specialize in water treatment system design and can help your mechanical engineering firm serve your clients safely.

Could your organization use our help?