We have an incredibly diverse product range available to suit any problem water. The most common and useful ones are shown below. Rest assured, if you have an unusual water problem we can help.


This is a short list of some of our more common or unique products. We also carry a large number of systems not shown here including a wide array of cartridges and housings, replacement filters and parts, water system accessories such as pumps and tanks and much more.

Judo Products

German engineered for over 80 years, Judo's products are powerful, unique and present incredible ROI opportunities for your buildings while supporting Green Building goals.  

heifi3 3×4


mafi1 3×4


Ferroclean 3×4


Ultraviolet (UV)

UV systems to provide disinfection for your small, medium or large flow rates. We support a wide range of systems from manufacturers such as Luminor, Viqua, Watts Smartstream, UVPure & Hallett, UV Dynamics, Waterite and more. 

luminor1 3×4

UV Systems

viqua1 3×4

UV Systems

Ultrafiltration (UF)

Ultrafine filtration for the removal of Legionella and other bacteria, silts and fine sediments from your cold or hot water.

urspring1 3×4

< 11 GPM

Virex 3×4

Advanced Controls

phoenix 3×4

up to 200 GPM

Softeners and Media Filters

Water softeners, Iron and Manganese Filters, Heavy Metal Removal and more

Reverse Osmosis (RO) and High-Purity Systems

RO and DI systems to provide you with pure water for all your application needs.

Copper Silver Ionization (CSI) for Legionella Protection in DHW

Protect your facility from Legionella outbreaks with the leading CSI Technology.

Chemical Treatment

Chlorine dosing, pH control and more.

Rainwater Harvesting

Supplement your water supply for toilet flushing, car washing, or full domestic use (residential or commercial)

Water Testing

Need your water tested? We can provide full-service testing for your commercial or residential needs, including for real estate transactions.

Leak Detection and Auto Shutoff

Smart Water Management System. Monitors for leaks via real-time flow and pressure data, plus integrates wirelessly with location sensors and communicates seamlessly with your smartphone. The system will automatically turn your water off in the event of a leak, and you can control it within seconds from your phone, from anywhere.

We can help you find the right product for your needs.

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