Fully Automatic, Self-Cleaning Water Strainer

Grit and sediments in your water mains lead to mechanical failures and increased wear and tear on your mechanical systems. Removing those sediments with a fully automatic strainer provides up to a 75% reduction in regular mechanical maintenance, overnight.

Fimat Water Strainer

Product highlights

  • Fully automatic backwash/cleaning process, no operator involvement, no consumable filters.
  • No interruption to the FILTERED water flow, even during backflush
  • 360 degree screen viewing - real-time feedback
  • Pipe sizes from 3/4" - 8" and everything in between
  • Thousands of installs in Canada/USA and many more globally

How the Profimat works

The Profimat is installed on your domestic water main as it enters your building. The water flows through the unit and its integrated 100 micron stainless steel screen removes sediments, grit, rust, sand, sludge and turbidity.

When the screen starts to get dirty, the entire filter surface is then automatically backwashed by multiple jet nozzles that operate on a point-by-point rotation system. The backwashing is completely visible at all times so you get real-time feedback on performance.

The backwash is intiated by an adjustable pressure differential switch (1-10psi) which senses plugging, and an adjustable timer (or a manual button press).

The backwash process uses very little waste water but provides a thorough cleaning of the screen with mimimal pressure loss or water wasted. Filtered water is constantly supplied past the unit with no interruption, even during backwash.

Due to the massive reduction in regular mechanical maintenance and the environmental benefits of this system, Europe has legislated cleanable strainers at the point of entry to all types of buildings. North America has yet to mandate this type of protection, but the good news for you is that retrofits are easy.

The three most common applications are point-of-entry, cooling towers, and rainwater harvesting systems (after the booster pumps).

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Profimat benefits

Profimat strainers should be installed in every building at the point of entry. The return on investment due to the reduction in regular mechanical maintenance is often staggering (pumps, boilers, flushometers, cooling towers, PRVs, seals, fittings, pipe, filters, heat exchangers, nozzles, backflows, faucets, etc).

  • Eliminates sediment particles such as rust and dirt
  • Standard filter rating is 100 microns, Also available: 30, 320, 500 microns
  • Efficiently backwashes with NO interruption of FILTERED water supply and very little waste water
  • Clear 360 degree viewing of the screen gives you complete visual real-time feedback
  • Helps optimize energy efficiency
  • Upholds water conservation
  • Protects energy efficiency and longevity of mechanical equipment
  • Accommodates flow rates up to 880 USGPM
  • Available in various pipe sizes ranging from 3/4″ to 8″
  • Compact and attractive design also makes it easy to use
  • Dry contact outputs for DDC are standard (optional to use)
  • Environmentally friendly - no regular filter changes
  • A must for Green Building
  • CSA/NSF Certified

Examples of municipal water


The Judo Profimat self-cleaning filter can benefit a variety of industries and applications.


  • office towers
  • hospitals
  • residential
  • water treatment
  • food service
  • industry

  • mining
  • retail
  • car washes
  • recycling facilities
  • chemical plant


  • domestic point of entry
  • cooling towers
  • rainwater harvesting
  • machine and tool 
  • make-up water


  • irrigation
  • process water
  • intake water
  • potable water
  • well water
  • surface water

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