Ultrafiltration (UF)

German engineered bacteria and silt removal done right.

Ultrafiltration is a physical filtration process that filters down to 0.01 microns in size. UF systems will efficiently remove bacteria and other micro-organisms as well as sediments, colloidal silts, and other particulate matter, all without changing the chemistry of the water.

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Product highlights

  • Small pore size removes bacteria, parasties, virus, and colloidal silts
  • Intelligent control system to backflush the unit as required
  • German Engineered, global leader in UF technology
  • Urspring 1-12 GPM
  • Virex 1-12 GPM, with advanced control system and dual membranes
  • Phoenix, up to 200 GPM, with advanced control system

System Sizing

These are the various platform sizes, from < 12 GPM up to 200 GPM

How Ultrafiltration works

Ultrafiltration makes use of multiple bundles of hollow fiber filter elements. Each fiber looks like a long skinny straw. The raw water passes down the middle of the straw, and 0.01 micron pores along the length of the fiber allow water to pass through, but hold back any contaminants with a larger molecular weight such as bacteria, parasites, virus, sediments, silt, etc.

The systems will filter water until such time as it needs a backflush to purge the accumulated debris to drain, typically done at least once a day. Unlike media and resin filters, Ultrafilters prefer more frequent, but much shorter flushes (typically 10-20 seconds for small systems, and 60-120 seconds for larger system).

While the individual hollow fibers look small, a large number of fibers adds up to a large surface area, allowing for large flow rates, up to and beyond 200 USGPM.


Advanced control systems provide the means for interaction and control of many other components in your system from pumps to analytical equipment.

Ultrafiltration systems by Seccua are commonly used to protect against bacteria, Legionella, other micro-organisms, and sediment/silt intrusion from your water souce. The Urspring systems are used at the point-of-entry for small systems such as labs, dental clinics, residential, medical device reprocessing in hospitals, and closed-loop systems in building technology.

The larger Virex and Phoenix systems are used in commercial or small municipal applications such as food and beverage, bottling plants, camps and lodges, or small community water systems - especially those on surface water and requiring an extra level of bacterial control.

hollow fibers

Ultrafiltration benefits

Crystal clear water is supplied to your facility, process or home without the use of chemicals or other regenerants. Membranes last for years due to the intelligent controls and backflush process built in to every system.

  • Highest removal performance
  • Removes bacteria and biological contamination
  • Removes turbidity and oxidized Iron
  • Protects and extends the life of pipes, boilers, pumps, fixtures, cooling towers, valves, regulators, controls, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly – very little backwash volumes
  • Hot and cold water membrane options
  • The best UV pretreatment available
  • Helps to reduce disinfection byproducts
  • Reduces biofilm growth in pipes and mechanical systems by removing the nurtrient (ie food) stream
  • Easy to install, easy to service
  • Uses approx 97% less power than a UV system
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Seccua Ultrafilters can benefit a wide range of industries and applications:

Applications and primary uses

  • Point-of-entry for homes
  • Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR)
  • Closed-loop systems
  • Dental Clinics
  • Laboratories
  • Work camps
  • Anywhere safe water is needed!

  • Legionella Removal
  • RO & UV pretreatment
  • Colloidal silt (rockflour) removal
  • Protection of mechanical components
  • Purification of Municipal/well/surface water
  • Elimination of pathogens

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