Viqua UV Systems

Simple but powerful disinfection

Ultraviolet (UV) is the time-tested method for simple, user friendly disinfection. When you have water that is microbiologically unsafe or a critical application that needs protection, UV is a smart choice to ensure maximum safety.


Product highlights

  • Large product range, long history of performance
  • Variety of systems sizes to meet individual requirements
  • Stand-alone UV systems or rack systems with integrated filters for easier installation

How UV works

Ultraviolet is a simple, but powerful physical disinfection process. As water passes through the UV chamber, the UV light shines through the water column. The UV light penetrates the micro-organisms and scrambles their DNA, rendering them unable to reproduce. Preventing reproduction is what prevents infection and sickness.

UV is effective against a wide range of pathogens including bacteria, virus and parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Compare this to chlorine or chemical disinfection which does not protect against those parasites in concentrations in which we can drink.

For UV to work properly, it is critical the water is clear enough to pass the majority of the UV light through the water column. High levels of dirt, sediments, minerals, organics or other interfereing substances will interfere with the clean passage of UV light through the entire water column, or can block or absord the UV light. Proper prefiltration is a must, and depends on your water quality. It might be as simple as a 5 micron sediment filter, or may involve other equipment.

Maintenance on UV systems is quick and easy - the lamps need to be changed periodically (generally annually) and the sleeves and sensors (if equipped) cleaned or replaced from time to time.

UV System Specifics

UV systems have a number of technical factors to keep in mind when selecting a unit. The following are some of the common considerations, but your application may have more.

  • Flow rate required (always use a peak flow rate)
  • Primary or secondary disinfection?
  • Raw water quality and UV Transmittance (UVT)
  • Required dose
  • Required accessories such as temperature management, solenoid valves, remote monitoring, intensity monitors, flow meters, etc
uv pro

Viqua UV Models

Point of use

Suitable for single fixture commercial and residential applications

VT1 (1) 4×3

1-3 GPM

Light Commercial and Residential

Suitable for light commercial and residential applications

viqua1 3×4

6-18 GPM

ihs22 4×3

12 GPM

e4 (1) 4×3

350-700 USGPD

e4-ihs 4×3

22 GPM

Commercial and Public

Added features and validations such as NSF55A to meet regulatory requirements

uv-pro 4×3

10-30 GPM

Viqua-Pro-50 4×3

50 GPM

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