Case Study - Two BC School Districts (over 200 schools)

Fimat Water Strainer


Two BC School Districts


Installation of self-cleaning strainers at the point of entry

The problem

High levels of dirt and algae in the municipal water

Seperately, two school districts in BC on two seperate, typical, municipal water systems were having mechanical headaches throughout their facilities. One district was experiencing too much sediment in the incoming water, the other too much algae. Having grown tired of PRV and flushing valve failures, drinking water filters plugging and a host of other issues they thought they could do better. It turned out to be easier than they thought.

dirty pipe
Profimat strainer 4 inch

The solution

Self-cleaning POE strainers were installed.

In a similar story that seems to repeat itself in commercial buildings, self-cleaning strainers were installed in a few schools as demonstration/trial systems. For one district, two schools were outfitted with units and planned on three months to trial them to evaluate their performance. By the end of the first day the district had decided they needed one of these systems in every single school and proceeded quickly as such. For them, the 360 degree viewing of the screen showed them exactly how much dirt and debris was coming in from the water supply, easily noticeable the instant the water was turned back on.

Products installed

This is the product that saved the day. 

Fimat Water Strainer



days to install

0 hours

weekly time to change filters

> 200

bc schools protected

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