Small Water Systems

Small public water systems (such as small communities, lodges, resorts, campgrounds and other facilities that serve the public or staff) are responsible for maintaining their water systems and providing safe water to their users. Whether you're a residential community or a small commercial operator - we can help.

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Safe drinking water, always.

Small community systems have an extra set of challenges in ensuring a safe supply of drinking water. It might be a remote setting, off-grid living, lack of a full-time operator or proper training and often lack of funding. Watertiger's decades of experience allows us to tailor a system to fit your needs. We can walk you through the entire design and permitting/approval process with your local Health Authority, as well supply and install the equipment and assist you in your ongoing monitoring and maintenance as required. Watertiger is a trusted partner here to help you for the long-term. If you aren't in our immediate service area we can coordinate with local trades or your own staff for installation as required.

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Health Authority Construction Application Permits and Engineering

Need help navigating the construction permit application process for your small water system in BC? We can help you from beginning to end. Ensuring your system is designed properly with ongoing monitoring and maintenance considerations is important to ensure a smooth process during the permits stage. If your system needs to be professionally engineered, we will perform the bulk of the design work for final review by one of our (or your) professional engineers to realize significant cost savings.

Upgrades and maintenance help.

If your existing system needs upgrading, if your water conditions have changed, or if your equipment is outdated and causing you too many headaches and sleepless nights, we can integrate new and old together for you. Sometimes a small tweak is all that's needed to breathe fresh life into your old water system.

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We've helped hundreds of small water systems, such as:

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Need help with a water problem?

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