Softeners and Media Filters

Remove minerals, hardness,  heavy metals and more

Well water and many municipal water sources contain high levels of hardness, Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, H2S (rotten egg odour), and other contaminants that are both unsightly and dangerous to our health and cause mechanical failures and damage. Fortunately, they are all easy to fix.

Water Softener2

Product highlights

  • A myriad of different resins and medias to suit different types of problem waters
  • Suitable for commercial, industial and residential applications
  • Various control options and integration with other water treatment equipment
  • Critical pretreatment for many commercial and industrial processes, most notably steam boilers

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How Resin and Media Filters work

There are so many different types of configurations, sizes, medias and resins that all have different chemical methods of treatment. However, they generally tend to share certain traits. Water enters through a control valve positioned on top of a spun fiberglass tank with a special lining to maintain purity. The water runs down through the resin or media in that tank, and then up through a tube in the middle of the tank back up to the control valve, and then off to distribution.

Some systems such as water softeners use a brine (salt) solution to regenerate the resin after a certain amount of use. This process is called "ion exchange", as the system is literally swapping salt ions for hardness minerals.

Other systems will use other types of regenerants such as oxygen from our air or different chemicals, depending on their function and the contaminants they are targeting. All systems will have periodic backwash steps to purge the system from accumulated dirt and debris, prevent the water from tunneling through the media, and if necessary add the regenerant to the tank.

Depending on the overall system design you may only need a single tank to accomplish the job or you may need multiple tanks to work properly.

Due to the high number of configuration options which have varying levels of performance based on the chemical make-up of the water, we always recommend getting a water analysis done so we can make the proper recommendation.

resin beads

Filter and Softener benefits

Using the right media filter or softener will provide you with clean, clear water. 

  • Eliminates sediment particles such as rust and dirt
  • Stops staining and scale on fixtures, boilers and appliances
  • No regular consumable filters to change. Service requirements vary by product
  • Flexible installation setup and controls
  • Modern, digital control valves for easy programming
  • Complete control over flow rates by adjusting sizing options
  • One tank or multiple, based on the application
  • Various accessories available such as clean water backflush or automatic shutoff to prevent unintended bypass
  • Easy to use union fittings on many models
Clack controller
Ziron 2020

Media and Resin filters are an important part of water treatment for a variety of industries and applications from Healthcare to Manufacturing to Food Service, Agriculture and Residential.

Contaminants that may call for a resin or media setup:

  • Hard water
  • Iron / Manganese
  • H2S (rotten egg odour)
  • Arsenic, Uranium, Lead & other Heavy Metals
  • Chlorine and THMs (disinfection byproducts)
  • Tannins/organics
  • Sediments
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